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TianFloc has supplied products to the Chinese oil industry for over 10 years and today is the leading supplier of polymers to this industry. Major Chinese oilfields including Daqing, Shengli, Xinjiang, Henan, and Huabei all use our products extensively. The major areas of application of our products are:

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Profile Modification
  • Drilling Fluid Additives

Enhanced Oil Recovery

The chemical EOR process has been used for many years to increase the efficiency of oil recovery in tertiary floods.  The addition of one tonne of polymer may increase crude oil recovery by as much as 150 tonnes.  The introduction of viscous polymer solutions to the flood will increase the efficiency of the volumetric sweep, reduce channelling and breakthrough - increasing the volume of crude oil recovered.

TianFloc has developed a wide range of products to suit conditions experienced by EOR polymer flood operators everywhere so that no matter the temperature, salinity, dissolved solids, formation permeability or oil viscosity - we have the correct product for your application.

Our products can be either directly injected into the oil stratum or combined with a cross-linking agent before injection. These products can be used in oilfields with an oil stratum temperature lower than 60°C and total dissolved solids (TDS) lower than 6,000ppm.


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