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Polyacrylamide can be used in the production of most types of paper products whether using wood pulp, straw pulp or recycled paper as the raw material.  Kraft pulp, chemical pulp or bleached chemi-thermomechanical pulp (BCTMP) - TianFloc can provide a product to exceed your requirements.



Retention and Filtration



Polyacrylamide can increase the retention of fibre and other additives in the sheet increasing drainage and minimizing energy used for drying.  First pass retention can be increased by as much as 10% (starch retention can also be increased).  Typically, high molecular weight polymer is more suitable for retention, low molecular weight polymer is most suitable for filtration.  Let your TianFloc representative assist you in selecting the best product for your application.



Dispersing Agent



Sheet uniformity can be improved through the use of dispersing agents.  TianFloc provides a wide range of dispersant products: ZF1616, ZF1626, ZF1826.





Polyacrylamide is commonly used for solid / liquid separation in pulp and paper wastewater streams.  Polyacrylamide may also be used in conjunction with inorganic coagulants to further separate solids from waste streams reducing solids loading to clarifiers and chemical oxygen demand (COD) to your treatment system (COD may be reduced by as much as 70% - 80%).  Our extensive knowledge of pulp and paper wastewater treatment applications will ensure you receive the best product for your application.

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